Wednesday, November 25, 2009

AOL Relaunch

By far my favorite project I've done all year!! Again with my favorite agency Wolff Olins, because they are a branding agency and not an ad agency things just work really differently. Jobs are bigger, the scope is infinitely more grand, and the presence ends up being way bigger than just a single ad! So yes, AOL splits from Time Warner next month, and to really make that separation kinda clear, they are going with a whole new look. I did props and wardrobe, again my absolute favorite is to look at an image and see my hand in the whole thing, not just say a sweater, or a knick knack in the back ground. The project was written up in the New York Times which made me so happy!

I got to do some rad stuff for the job. For starters I got to mix some of the most gorgeous colors from Guerra which is always a treat! I got to book animals from again always a treat. I got to work with my friends, Anja doing make up, and my friend Rob, hired to be our headbanging death metal head.

The work flow was absolutely fantastic, very experimental and easy. I got to book things I wasnt sure would work, which never happens, I am always 100% cer
tain something will be a good shot before it comes on set, and in doing so I lose some of the experimental, free nature that photography can sometimes have. This was mostly cause I was paired with an incredibly rad design studio in Brooklyn called Graphic Havoc. I am now their number one fan. Check out what they do at

Anyway I cant wait to see the whole launch and see where all out efforts end up!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice!

Ok so this year I got to work as a stylist on the Celebrity Apprentice again with my friend Bob Scott It was way more rad than last year, probably because this year the contestants had to be much more hands on. I dont think I can legally tell you much more, other than I had a blast!! I know that they recently just announced the contestants, so yes, I did get to hang with Daryl Strawberry, Bret Micheals, and Rod Blagojevitch. Oh and Cyndi Lauper was there!! And I am sure with Bob shooting, our team will definitely win!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So I love working with brands that have a ton of history. There is always so much stuff you can pull from in their archives, even if youre only searching for inspiration. I got to do a fun holiday project for Lacoste, strangely enough it didnt shoot in summer, but much closer to to when it actually was going to launch. Theres a real limit to how you can style polo shirts, but I got to do a little art direction, and the photographer, my friend Theo, didnt object to any of my more insane ideas, specifically he green lighted proecting the images of falling snow on to our back ground. I definitely owe a million thanks to all my photo friends I called for technical assistance on this one! below are some of the results, or you can also look at

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

keeping me busy!

So not as fun as making the video, but it definitely kept a roof over my head was a combined wardrobe and prop job for a new UK client called Fashion Union. I would say its sort of a cross between Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Pretty young and trendy and super affordable. Of course they wanted to shoot iconic New York, so we were shooting on 5th Ave, on the Brooklyn Bridge, on top of Rockefeller Center. Basically in the way of everyone!!! But the pics came out lovely, I promise to post more as they come up!! You can also see their site at

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Video fun in LA

So this summer I got to work on a fun project for one of my favorite bands, The Bronx. They normally have a real hard kind of sound, but this is their mariachi side project, totally serious, not tongue in cheek at all. I was charged with making all these light up suits work! Fortunately I was not in charge of making the electric work in time with the music, that was someone else's department entirely. The thing I love most about bigger motion sets are there are infinitely more jobs and departments and available hands, making your job as a stylist so much easier!!!

Anyway, I had a really lovely time working on this. It kept me inspired and happy all summer long. Interesting side note, it was done on a real small budget, I mean what isnt these days! But I kinda thought they'd blown all their money on that rooster. Professional animals always manage to be the most handsomely rewarded 'talent' on set. But I was completely mistaken! This rooster came from a roadside stand in LA, and after starring in the video, went on to live a happy and noisy life with the venue's doorman.