Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Bang, Less Buck!

So after shooting that Daffy's ad, the same crew came together and did a spec shoot. The agency wasn't sure if it would be too risque, but there was only one way to find out. I think what followed is absolutely brilliant, and it was a super fun project to be a part of. Using the tagline "More bang, less buck" we styled two models, essentially getting caught in the act after a photo shoot. All the right areas were covered, but it was still way too racy to put on a subway poster, or the back cover of AM New York! So the agency, Johannes Leonardo devised an ingenious plan, of having the picture be a puzzle. If you photographed the puzzle piece and jumped on the twitter feed, you had a chance of cracking the code!

What comes next is even cooler. So after a little while of putting up new secret posteres around the city, the final image was revealed!

What an awesome concept right? But the campaign isn't over just yet. I have heard that Daffy's will be running a contest based around this image. Remember when they gave away that $7000 a month apartment for $700?? I still wish I had won that one.
So follow http://twitter.com/UGPuzzle
and make sure you're googling # underground puzzle often to see what kind of amazing prizes Daffy's will be giving out this time!

Daffy's Spring 2010

So I recently had the pleasure of working with photographer Tom Hines on the most recent campaign for Daffy's. Their ads are always super cute and feature real live New Yorkers. The shoot was awesome and the ad looks great, but it wasn't nearly as cool as what was in store for us next!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Barneys Spring 2010

So heres a fashion shoot I did for Barneys, one my absolute favorite clients. It is always a blast to shoot with them. Amazing models, amazing artists doing hair and makeup. We always have so much fun, and the pictures are about as close to perfect as you can imagine!
That being said, this shoot was a real challenge, as we did it in possibly the worst snow storm we had all winter long. Schools were closed, cabs just slid sideways down the street, and by 2pm, the sky was just about black. But we stayed in good spirits, I mean on a Barneys shoot, how couldnt you stay in good spirits, and we worked until we'd gotten our shots. Whats great is looking at the photographs later, you have no idea what the day was like at all. Only that the images are crisp and clean and read spring in every sense!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Reebok- VIstoso Bosses

I started out the year working on a fantastic project with Reebok and my favorite production company, Lockbox Productions. Vistoso Bosses are an up and coming female R&B group, they have a super cute, quirky sense of fashion, and they were super fun to work with. We had to transform an empty studio into a fake living room set. We shot stills and video, and Im posting this now, as Im starting to see the images pop up on sneaker blogs everywhere!