Sunday, July 19, 2009

Video fun in LA

So this summer I got to work on a fun project for one of my favorite bands, The Bronx. They normally have a real hard kind of sound, but this is their mariachi side project, totally serious, not tongue in cheek at all. I was charged with making all these light up suits work! Fortunately I was not in charge of making the electric work in time with the music, that was someone else's department entirely. The thing I love most about bigger motion sets are there are infinitely more jobs and departments and available hands, making your job as a stylist so much easier!!!

Anyway, I had a really lovely time working on this. It kept me inspired and happy all summer long. Interesting side note, it was done on a real small budget, I mean what isnt these days! But I kinda thought they'd blown all their money on that rooster. Professional animals always manage to be the most handsomely rewarded 'talent' on set. But I was completely mistaken! This rooster came from a roadside stand in LA, and after starring in the video, went on to live a happy and noisy life with the venue's doorman.

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