Monday, February 15, 2010

Barneys Spring 2010

So heres a fashion shoot I did for Barneys, one my absolute favorite clients. It is always a blast to shoot with them. Amazing models, amazing artists doing hair and makeup. We always have so much fun, and the pictures are about as close to perfect as you can imagine!
That being said, this shoot was a real challenge, as we did it in possibly the worst snow storm we had all winter long. Schools were closed, cabs just slid sideways down the street, and by 2pm, the sky was just about black. But we stayed in good spirits, I mean on a Barneys shoot, how couldnt you stay in good spirits, and we worked until we'd gotten our shots. Whats great is looking at the photographs later, you have no idea what the day was like at all. Only that the images are crisp and clean and read spring in every sense!