Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Bang, Less Buck!

So after shooting that Daffy's ad, the same crew came together and did a spec shoot. The agency wasn't sure if it would be too risque, but there was only one way to find out. I think what followed is absolutely brilliant, and it was a super fun project to be a part of. Using the tagline "More bang, less buck" we styled two models, essentially getting caught in the act after a photo shoot. All the right areas were covered, but it was still way too racy to put on a subway poster, or the back cover of AM New York! So the agency, Johannes Leonardo devised an ingenious plan, of having the picture be a puzzle. If you photographed the puzzle piece and jumped on the twitter feed, you had a chance of cracking the code!

What comes next is even cooler. So after a little while of putting up new secret posteres around the city, the final image was revealed!

What an awesome concept right? But the campaign isn't over just yet. I have heard that Daffy's will be running a contest based around this image. Remember when they gave away that $7000 a month apartment for $700?? I still wish I had won that one.
So follow http://twitter.com/UGPuzzle
and make sure you're googling # underground puzzle often to see what kind of amazing prizes Daffy's will be giving out this time!

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